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Camel Jerky

As I sit writing this a thought occurs to me there are hundreds perhaps thousands of reader about to make a decision based on this article. Ok perhaps I am being a little optimistic but the question still beckons with peoples taste changing as they are is beef jerky dead. Well firstly you would find that for some of the die hard jerky addicts beef jerky will never die, and with the growth and competition in the market there is always a new jerky for them to savoir.

The real grit of this article is how beef compares to some of the other types of jerky and in particular camel jerky. Camel jerky is currently made in the northern territory of Australia from wild camels. It is one of the new jerky’s that is in fact giving the old beef a run for its money.

Why Camel Jerky Is Better

Camel jerky is a leaner meat and one could argue healthier with lower fat and less chemical that is perfectly adapted to a dry environment, you could say it is closer to jerky than what beef is.

Camel has a fantastic taste that is more flavoursome than beef and takes you on another taste tangent that if followed would certainly open your eyes to a new taste, something that will definitely grow on you.

Just because of the extreme difference in animal it does not make this type of jerky an acquired taste it is definitely closer to main stream then many of the newer flavours on offer. So if we look at the recent growth in Camel jerky and it is also getting more easily available will it knock of the entrenched favourite as a snack of choice for Jerky lovers. The short answer is NO, beef jerky is here to stay but you must not let your taste buds down and get out and try some of the newer jerkys on the market, specifically camel jerky, you won’t be disappointed.

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